How To: Make a Cricut sunflower card

Make a Cricut sunflower card

In order to make a Cricut Sunflower card, you will need the following: card stock, Walk in My Garden Cartridge, ribbon, decorative paper, chalk, scissors, 2-sided tape, an ink stamp pad, adhesive, and pop dots. On page 100, in the Walk in My Garden Cartridge, you'll find the pattern. You should cut it out on 4. On page 99, you'll find the flowerpot. Cut it at 2 1/2 inches. Assemble your Sunflower. To add texture and depth, brush the sunflower with chalk dipped in ink. Use foam 2-sided tape to assemble the pot. This will give it depth. Use the chalk and ink to add depth to the pot. Next, assemble your card.

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