Trippy DIY Animations: Use These Printable Templates to Make Your Own Moving Optical Illusions

YouTube illusionist Brusspup has used everything from mirrors to fire to create his optical illusions, but his latest trick is a little more 2D. Using a printer, a transparency sheet and a piece of regular paper, he made several illusions that trick your brain into thinking they're actually animated when the transparency is slid across the paper.

As long as you've got a printer, making your own is easy, but if it's an inkjet printer you'll need a transparency sheet specifically made to be used with an inkjet.

It's also important to make sure you print the images at the same size in order for the illusion to work. Below are all of the printable templates, in order appearance in the video, available on Imgur.

If you want to get even crazier with these 2D illusions try hacking an old LCD monitor into a your-eye's-only computer screen, which can make this illusion trippy as hell.

For more illusions, make sure to check out some of our other articles on Brusspup's work.

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