How To: Make the ultimate F16 paper airplane

Make the ultimate F16 paper airplane

Want to make the coolest paper airplane? This tutorial will show you how to make a paper f16 and you'll be flying in under 3 minutes. This passed our cargo test by traveling with an eraser load.

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pretty awesome

I am sure this works but without a team of oragami engineers taking notes throughout the video there ain't no way I can reproduce this.

i made one of these it flew over 25 meter at least! good job!

i got lost about where he made the cockpit but it still flew nice.

did u guys figure any way out

The irony is that this is the very way that the military contractors build them.

i made it and if flew wonderflewy im in a hotel in houston called the hillton and i went to the very top flour and throu it out the window it went faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!


can u pls make a video in the pulling of canopy and folding it insied pls ^^

thought about teaching a group of kids this, now way man

it wont even show up on my computer

very hard to make!!!! I tried and gave up

its very easy but the part when you do the parrall is hard =]

Oh wow, I made it, after a trying to work out how to do the cockpit for 10 minutes =] It does fly very well though

i dont kno you but i hate you if u hate me ahhaa

i made it! after like 30 minutes i hit my bro with it (^:P

the cockpit is quite hard to find but the rest is easy. the only thing is.. it doesn't fly very well..

i flys super well....

lol the name of this vid is: 15 minute paper f16, but its only 3 minutes long.

oh paper plane of paper plane u hitted a bus when i threw uuu darn..

This is the true meaning of rocket science.

can u d a video of the pulling of the canopy and how u fold it in .. pls i cant see it its blurred and small... pls pls pls ^^

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