How To: Make a Cricut spinner pinwheel card

Make a Cricut spinner pinwheel card

In order to make the Spinner Pinwheel Card with your Cricut, you will need the follow: the Cricut Wild Card cartridge, card stock, ribbon, brads, printed/patterned paper, adhesive, and an ink pad. Go to page 51 on your manual. Place your cartridge in your Cricut. Load the paper. Then, set it on 5.5. If you do not want to have the dots on it, then you'll need to cut it with the blackout setting. Next, you will need to cut the face of the card again with printed paper. Use adhesive to glue the printed paper onto the card. Use the brad to hold the liner in place. Check to make sure that it spins. Glue on the frame. Stamp your pinwheel or decorate it as you see fit. Make sure that the images are far enough apart so that only one is visible at a time. Attach a ribbon to the front.

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