How To: Make paper look 200 years old using coffee

Make paper look 200 years old using coffee

In this tutorial, we learn how to make paper look like it's 200 years old using coffee. First, take a regular piece of copy paper and then use a paint brush to paint a cup of coffee over the entire piece of paper. Use a blow dryer to dry the paper, then brush several more coats onto the paper until the brown looks like it' realistic. To finish, use distressed marks over the paper, then use a blow dry to dry off the entire thing. To finish, apply a couple more coats of coffee to the paper, then when finished drying you will have a realistic piece of paper that looks old!

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Thank you so much for your paper aging idea. It's very simple and I'll use it for a project I am working on.

So how do they add the words and make a copy declaration of independence or Constitution?

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