How To: Make a Cricut popsicle birthday card

Make a Cricut popsicle birthday card

Cardcrazy09 teaches you how to create a popsicle birthday card using Cricut. You'll need the Doodlecharms cartridge for this. Start with a white piece of card stock, then apply an orange piece on top, slightly smaller than the one below. On top of that add a smaller piece of card stock with circles on it. This is the base for the card, you are ready to move on to the next pieces. You cut a small piece of orange card stock and then on top of that glue a smaller piece with the text message. Glue the whole thing in the lower right corner of the card. Using the Cricut, cut the brown sticks and the orange popsicles. Glue them together and attach to the main card in the upper left corner. And now the popsicle birthday card is complete.

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