How To: Make a flower fairy paper art doll

Make a flower fairy paper art doll

In this video tutorial learn how to make a jointed flower fairy paper doll sitting on top of a trinket box. You will need three strips of paper and two circles cut out of paper. To create the box, curl the strip with a pencil. Then adhere scotch tape to the strip and tape the strip to the circle to create a box-like structure. Cover the perimeter with a larger strip of paper in whatever design you want to use. Follow these same steps to create a larger box. Fit these two pieces together and add wooden feat to the bottom of your box. To create the doll, use pre-cut paper feat, a pre-printed bust, jointed arms, and jointed legs. Attach everything together, adding butterfly wings, fabric to create a skirt, and decorative touches using puffy paint. Then make the doll sit on top of the box.


How ethereal and delightful. Such patience and art. I could never do this but I admire those that can.

This is beautiful - what do you use to secure the joints together?

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