News: Fully Functional DIY Pump Action Shotgun Made Out of Paper

Fully Functional DIY Pump Action Shotgun Made Out of Paper

This is no paper gun like you've ever seen before. Seriously.

Tacome1942's homemade paper shotgun is a life-sized, fully functional Remington 870 replica. It would be hard to tell it apart from the real deal, not to mention it practically sounds like an authentic shotgun, too.

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The shotgun is made of approximately 97% paper, the remaining 3% consisting of pins, wires, and springs. Check out all the videos below to see the finer details, including the trigger group, shell stop, and disassembly procedure.


The Trigger Group

The Shell Stop

Inside the Receiver

The Paper Remington 870 Disassembly

Diagram image via Mel Wong

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Yeah get a life lol cool but you must not have anything better that you can do lolz

when r u making the video to make this gun? would like to make it as looks cool as

Absolutley awesome but can it fire? And if it can is it lethal?

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