How To: Make a squash fold-out mini book

Make a squash fold-out mini book

The narrator starts by explaining what a squash book is. A squash is designed to keep photos, journalling or what ever you like. To start we require a 4x4 pattern paper and 3x3 chipboard. We then glue the chipboard onto the pattern paper. We then cut the corners of the pattern paper. We then fold the flap in and glue down. We repeat this to form another cover. Next we grab a 6x6 pattern paper, we then complete a series of folds. One diagonal, half horizontal and half vertical folds. We repeat this for 2 other pieces. We then line up the diagonal folds and glue them down over lapping. Complete final folds to create squash effect. Now glue on the covers. Using the material in the kit we make a flower. Secure the ribbon to the back cover, and then we see the flower secured. The narrator finishes by trimming it neat.

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