How To: Make paper ninja stars or shuriken with origami

Make paper ninja stars or shuriken with origami

This video shows us how to make a paper ninja star easily. Firstly you need is 2 sheets of paper, tape and scissors. Firstly take the first piece of paper and fold it into half and then fold it in half the same way. And then fold it in half in the opposite way and then do the same with the other piece of paper. Now using a scissor cut the closed end of the paper and make sure you don't cut off too much and then in the second cut you have to make a one sided pointed and go diagonally to the other end side which is pointed. Then take the multiple pieces of paper and tape them so that they stick together with each other and with this you will get two pieces of ninja star. Now you line them up together and then tape them together in the front as well as the back. Once you finish that up take the second piece and do the same thing for that as well. And with this you get the last two pieces of the star and now you need to attach them together by taping them. And with this its done.

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