How To: Fold durable paper ninja stars

Fold durable paper ninja stars

This tutorial demonstrates how to make Ninja stars out of 2 pieces of lined notebook paper. Lined paper make your star look cooler and help you keep track of your folds. Fold you paper into five equal sections with a small section left over at the top. This is about five and a half lines per section. Next fold over one corner of the edge that is farthest away from you and then fold over the corner of the opposite edge. Set this paper aside. Repeat the process with your second sheet of paper expect fold over the opposite corners. Using one sheet of paper, fold the long edge down to match up with the folded corner. Fold the other edge over to match up with the opposite folded corner. You will end up with one side looking like two triangles the are facing each other. Repeat this with the other paper. Place the papers facing each other so two of the corners are pointing at each other and two are pointing away. Flip over the one on the left and cross it over the center of the other paper. Fold the corners over into the center. Place the tips of the corners under the center flaps. Your star is finished.

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