How To: Make a 3D five-point star from paper with origami

Make a 3D five-point star from paper with origami

This video shows how to make a 3D five point paper star. First cut a pentagon using a sharp flat blade and a ruler. Folding halfway between each two corners to the opposite corner. These folds are the points of the star. Make a mark half-way between the edge of the paper and the center point created by the folds. Using the ruler and X-acto knife, cut straight along the fold from the mark to the edge. Cut two small triangles off of each side 1/4" up from the middle of the edge, cut a line straight to the point tip, and remove the piece. Now we get the definite shape of a star. Use the edge of the ruler to create a perfectly straight fold , press firmly down on the ruler while pulling up the corner. The fold should be made right to the tip of the point. Attach the edges of the fold by using pieces of tape to make the points of the star. Then the 5 point paper star is ready.

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