News: Paper Airplane Guru Sets New World Record

Paper Airplane Guru Sets New World Record

Takuo Toda broke his previous Guinness World record of 27.9 seconds in flight this past Sunday. The paper airplane virtuoso, head of the Japan Origami Airplane Association, aimed to reach a 30 second long flight with his 10-centimeter-long paper aircraft. Unfortunately, he didn't quite make it.

According to,

Paper Airplane Guru Sets New World Record"In the world of competitive paper airplane throwing, a 20-second flight is exceptional, 25 or better is world class. Thirty is the stuff that dreams are made of. Toda has never come close to breaking the 30-second barrier. On Sunday, he set a world record for a hand-launched plane made with only paper, but fell just short of the 30-second mark."

Inspired? Fold your own. WonderHowTo has a whole slew of models to chose from.

Interested in a Toda model? Toda has designed over 700 paper airplanes, and Wired has posted instructions for folding his signature Sky King Plane.

Check out Toda's previous world record flight below.

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