News: THE Wilbur Wright of Paper Airplanes

THE Wilbur Wright of Paper Airplanes

Self proclaimed "Paper Airplane Guy", John Collins, is the master of paper crafted flight. Collins hosts workshops for Corporate America, using the paper airplane as a metaphor for success:

"Weaving your corporate message into the stories of how the planes get invented, ties your company to a winner.

Your ideas literally take flight, enhancing your position as an innovator and creative problem solver."

If you're interested in making a killer paper airplane, Collins is your man. Nobody gets into the nitty gritty of the mechanics more than he does.

First, check out some of these flight paths:

Here is Collins' incredibly thorough HowTo on my personal favorite, the Boomerang:

Collins also demonstrates how to fold two of his other planes, the Tumbling Wing and the SCS Nakamura Lock. Interested in even more models? Lots here.

Paper Airplane Image: Des Moines University Blog.

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