News: Make Optimus Prime Papercraft

Make Optimus Prime Papercraft

Papercraft + Transformers = Fanboy nirvana.

Papercrafting is enjoying a renaissance thanks to its nerd-love. Popularity of card modeling boomed during World War II when paper was one of the few items whose use and production was not heavily regulated. Micromodels, designed and published in England, were a popular source of military-themed modeling designs.

Our buddy Daniel Davis at Tinkernut has brought us such diverse DIY joy, creating everything from mini air conditioners to phone line hacks. We love this artsy detour. Transformer papercrafting is surely another classic. Thanks, Tinkernut!

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Cover photo via Kotaku


Sweet......... I put it at my desk--It makes a great ornament.

who knew?


COol! Definitly doing this to decorate my Desk...


ha. I was listening to the music in the background and I was like "this sounds like blindside". I was right!!!

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