HowTo: Build a Papercraft NSX Super GT Race Car

Build a Papercraft NSX Super GT Race Car

Is your love of race cars exceeded only by your love of elaborate papercraft? Do you have easy access to industrial-size printers and a surfeit of clean cardboard? If you answered yes to all of the above, odds are you're the Seiko Epson printer corporation, who recently set about assembling an impressive 1:1-scale 3D cardboard replica of a Honda/Acura NSX Super GT race car for the 2010 Tokyo Auto Salon:

Workers put the "car" in cardboard

If you like what you see, and haven't got a month of NASCAR Sundays to spend building your own repro racer, plans for a 1:24-scale (but otherwise identical) model are available for download here.

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love the corporate designed free papercraft downloads-

Despite being ads, they are well designed and there are loads of them.

pretty cool, just don't light a cigarette next to it.

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