News: Painstakingly Crafted 3D Paper Art

Painstakingly Crafted 3D Paper Art

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The sense of depth she creates is amazing.
That ironman is ridiculous.

The chicken is wonderful and the iron man is marvelous,what a sense or creation.I love them,well done.

I love it, but does it tell you how to make them? The humming bird is my favorite.

This artist truly possess a God given talent! I wish I can do this. I love it - GREAT WORK!!!

She probably makes money off of this doing commissions.

love the intricacy and detail involved

amazing but a tutorial would be great too.

hi... i liked the white bird a lot... but they don explain the steps anywer.. :( plz say how to make dat .

please say how to do dat... plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

the humming bird is made of complete TALENT! i wish I could do that!

Whats happening in step 3 and 4 ??

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