News: This Cardboard Bicycle Cost Only $12 to Make—And It Works!

This Cardboard Bicycle Cost Only $12 to Make—And It Works!

Stop me if you've heard this one before. A man walks into a bicycle shop, hears about a canoe made of cardboard and is inspired to make an awesome, fully-functional cardboard bicycle.

Sound far-fetched? Wait until you hear how his guy actually did it.

Israeli entrepreneur Izhar Gafni says that the idea for his method came from Japanese origami. Folding the cardboard increases its strength by 2-3 times, making the material much more durable.

Essentially, he made the basic shape for each part with multiple layers of cardboard and then attached another piece around the outside edges to reinforce it.

Then, he sanded and painted all the parts and put them together. Pretty impressive considering his first prototype looked like this:

Watch the video below to see Gafni's process, start to finish, and hear more about his story.

What's the craziest thing you ever built out of cardboard?

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So so cool how he made this, But I can say that it costed way more then 12 bucks, there's no way.

And I thought titanium is the best material for bicycle.

that is amazing. The craziest thing that i ever built out of card board was a book

i wish he would make kits then sell them for $12 each

Amazing, will contact some friends, and try to build this bicycle.
Now that is an awesome project (for the summer).

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