How To: Use a Cuttlebug & make a congratulations card

Use a Cuttlebug & make a congratulations card

This video shows us how to use a cuttlebug and make a congratulations card. Here are the following steps:

Step 1: Gather: standard size card, tape, scissors, paper, stamp, glittery paper powder, paper tattoo, cuttlebug etc.

Step 2: Stick the paper on the lower most side of the card and then with scissors cut out the extra strip by turning the card and cutting it.

Step 3: Now take the stamp that says Congrats and then place them on the glass block and then rub it on the stamp pad and then press this on the card and then spread the paper glitter on top of the card and after some time remove it and then dry it with the dryer gun.

Step 4: Take a dye of the smaller flower and then place it in the Cuttlebug plate with a magazine paper beneath it and run it. Now a perfect flower shape paper is obtained.

Step 5: Now place a small flower within the larger flower in the center and then punch a hole in the center and then stick this flower on the card.


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