How To: Stain white paper to look antique

Stain white paper to look antique

This video demonstrates how to stain a white sheet of paper and make it look antique. You'll need two tea bags (an extra one if the other tears open. Place the paper to be stain on a tissue or newspaper to avoid a mess. Take half a tumbler of hot water and dip a tea bag until the color becomes dark orange. Take out the tea bag and gently wipe all over the sheet of paper and also dab gently on the applied parts for a darker stain in some regions to look natural. Repeat this process by turning over the sheet or wait for one side to dry up and then stain the other side. allow the paper to dry completely, for about four and a half hours. You can also place a heavy book over it to avoid crease-lines. You can now write over it or use it on a printer and print out data. Using a tea bag is easier rather than pouring coffee all over and creating a mess in the work space.

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