How To: Make your own journal with household items

Make your own journal with household items

To make your own journal with household items you need a hole punch, scissors, yarn needle with string, some beads, a piece of construction paper, and at least 4 pieces of printer paper. Take your piece of construction paper, fold it in half and then unfold it. Do two hole punches in the crease of the fold at the top and bottom of the paper. Then do a half hole punch in the middle of the paper. Do the same fold, unfold and punches to the printer paper. Be sure to match up the holes in the printer paper to the holes in the construction paper. Pull your threaded needle through the center holes and down to the bottom hole, leaving a tail. Bring the needle back up through the center hole and up to the top hole. Finish by bringing the needle back through the center hole. Be sure each string is smooth down the center of the book. Take your string and do a double knot. Place your beads on the string, pull the needle off and then tie it carefully to the tail you left at the beginning with a double knot. Trim your extra string with the scissors and your journal is finished.

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