How To: Make a Yamaha papercraft motorcycle YZR-M1

Make a Yamaha papercraft motorcycle YZR-M1

Learn how to make your very own Japanese Yamaha paper craft motorcycle YZR-M1! These easy-to-follow instructional paper craft video clips explain everything from basic paper craft techniques and how to make major parts of the realistic paper crafts, right up to the final assembly of your Yamaha motorcycle YZR-M1. These paper craft videos are full of useful tips for efficient construction and superb finish! Watch it, and you'll want to make a realistic paper craft motorcycle yourself!

First, download the templates and instruction booklet from this page:

Second, click on the left "Basic Instructions". These videos will go over basic tips you will need.

Third, click on "Practical Instructions". The instructional paper craft video clips here explain how to assemble the actual YZR-M1 Yamaha motorcycle. Methods for parts-making are basically the same for any model. When assembling, please refer to these how to paper craft video clips as well as the assembly instruction booklet for each model. (get booklet from link above).

While making the Paper Craft Model
*Please take care when using cutting tools such as blade cutters.
*Use glue and other adhesives only in well-ventilated areas.

Make a Yamaha papercraft motorcycle YZR-M1

Make a Yamaha papercraft motorcycle YZR-M1 Click through to watch this video on

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This motorcycle is so cool... If you look at the rest of the yamaha paper craft section there are tons of paper craft templates for different animals, etc. that you can download. Unfortunately no how to videos accompany them, though...

great video

here's the link:

There's heaps more at Canon Paper Craft CREATIVE PARK:

i like the motorcycle, it is cool

post a pic in the wonderhowto world-

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