How To: Make the X-hunter paper airplane

Make the X-hunter paper airplane

In this how-to video, you will learn how to create an X Hunter paper airplane. First, fold your paper in half vertically. Unfold the paper and fold the two sides to the fold in the middle. Fold the top into a triangle. Unfold it and do the same for the other side. Unfold the paper and flip the paper. Fold the top down. Flip the paper and make two wings on both sides. Fold the top into a triangle. Push the sides to make the top part come up. Fold the tip into a diamond shape. Fold the sides of the diamond. Next, fold the tip down. Open the sides and fold up and fold it into a diamond. Flip the plane and fold the lower triangle down. Flip the plane and fold it in half. Fold both sides to make wings. Fold the bottom part of the wings upward. Open the plane to complete it. This video shows you the proper steps to make a unique paper airplane.

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