How To: Make a Victorian Vintage Cherub Valentine Card

Make a Victorian Vintage Cherub Valentine Card

I have made this Valentines Day card in a classic vintage Victorian style and I think it looks amazing with so much detail that all co-ordinates together. Once you see how I have made it you will see how easy it was and quick..

Step 1: Items Used

Stix 2 Anything A4 Red Card folded in half to create a A5 Card
Stix 2 Anything Pink & Red Card for the layers, bows and sentiment layers
Stix 2 Anything Silver foil adhesive edge
Tonic Studios Nuvo Drops in Holly Berry
Stix 2 Anything Die cut birds
Valentine image with glossy accents to enhance the design
Scroll die
Peony flower die in small and palm punch

Step 2: Now Watch the Tutorial

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