How To: Make a two pocket card

Make a two pocket card

In order to make a Two Pocket Card, you will need the following: double sided large card stock (8 x 4), precision trimmer, a ruler, tape, or glue, a pencil, and a ruler. Fold it in half, widthwise. Open it up and fold it lengthwise. Open it back up.

Cut the card stock, using the precision trimmer, and make a cut to the center, cutting the width in half. Mark 1” with a ruler and a pencil. Make an angle fold starting at the pencil line.

At the opposite corner, fold to the center line. Fold it in, where you just made your precision cut. Then, take that piece and fold it up. Then, fold it over. You now have 2 pockets. Tape the edges to hold the corners of the pocket. You may use glue or two sided tape.

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