How To: Make a trigger-operated paper gun

Make a trigger-operated paper gun

This is an instructive guide to making a trigger operated paper gun. You will need an A4 sheet of paper. Start by rolling the sheet of paper horizontally (breadthways) and as tightly as possible, . Once the roll is completed, attach 3 lengths of sticky tape at each end and the middle, so it doesn't unravel. Then proceed to wrap another sheet of A4 paper around your existing roll, making sure that is as tight as can be so it is strong and sturdy. Again, attach sticky tape at each end and the middle so its shape remains. The paper should now resemble a tube, which is the main component of the gun. Then using a different sheet of A4, roll it the opposite way (the shorter side) as tight as you can. Once you've rolled it, tape it up like you did with the previous sheets. Repeat the last step with another sheet of A4, but cut the tube to about 2 thirds of its original length. After completing this, you need to attach the longer of the two shorter tubes to the longest one, at about 2-3 inches from one end of the longer tube. Attach using a large amount of sticky tape on both sides to reinforce the join. Then you need to attach the handle to the end of the longer tube. First bend the remaining short tube in half so it resembles an L shape, the stick half of the shape to the larger tube, making sure that they are parallel with each other, thus creating a handle. The next step is to fasten a strong elastic band over and around the top of the 'crossbow' shape, and extend it to reach over the handle so it remains in the same position. Then by straightening out the L shape in the handle with the elastic band attached, it will create a release mechanism that will propel the elastic band. Thereby creating your paper gun.

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its a crossbow and not one with an actual trigger.

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