How To: Make a tri-fold shutter card

Make a tri-fold shutter card

This tri-fold card idea can be used to make an assortment of great cards for any occasion. This card design may look a bit difficult but in reality it isn't at all. Once you get your card in the accordion fold you are ready to decorate. This video will demonstrate how to fold your card stock into this awesome fold design and make a tri-fold shutter card for any occasion. This scrapbooking design will awe whomever you share it with, just make sure to decorate it to the tee.

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hi loved your simple details had no trouble following your directions thanks heaps

I'm sure this is a very comprehensive demonstration if one can hear. I'm deaf - I really want to make the tri-fold shutter cards like this. Are there written directions somewhere for those of us who can watch the video but cannot hear the directions for dimensions? That would be very helpful!

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