How To: Make a swing (or flip) card

Make a swing (or flip) card

This video shows how to make a swing or flip card. These are called swing or flip cards because when you open them the middle swings out to show the message. To make the card, you need a piece of cardstock that measures five inches by seven inches. Stamp or emboss the card while it is still whole. Then make two score marks on the long side of your card at two and three fourth inches and four and one fourth inches. Next, measure one and one half inches from each side, toward the middle, marking each place lightly with a pencil. Then, turn the card longwise and make a mark one inch on each side. Do not cut between the score marks. With a blade and a ruler carefully cut between the measured markings but leave the area between the score marks uncut. This will leave two flaps in your cut card. Don't fold the partial cutout. Just fold the frame, so that one side is folded on one side of the flap and the other side is folded opposite against the flap on the other side. Now there are many ways of dressing up your card and applying your message.

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