How To: Make a stylish Halloween bag tag

Make a stylish Halloween bag tag

In this tutorial, we learn how to make a stylish Halloween bag tag. You will need: ink blending tool in black soot color, black paint, orange paint, white card stock, stencils, cutters, scissors, and glue. First, place your white card stock underneath the stencil, then cut out the shape of a house. After this, mark lines in opposite directions onto the shape. After this, you should have the shape of a spider web. Next, add the ink pain on the top to highlight the spider web and you will be able to see the design. Then, take your blending tool and blend the ink so you get a gray background. Glue on blue rhinestones to the middle of the web, then add on a fake spider in the color of your choice. Now, punch a hole in the card and thread a ribbon through it that has a spider and bow attached to it. After this, wrap the ribbon around a gift bag and enjoy the holiday!

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