How To: Make a spring themed pop up card

Make a spring themed pop up card

In order to make a spring card, you will need the following: a 5 x 10 inch piece of card stock, 3 x 3 inch paper, glue, triangles, stickers, and a cutter. Score the card. Next cut along the scoring, in order to make a diamond shaped card. Next, fold the card along the scoring. Fold one of the triangles in. Then, double the card over. It should be shaped like a house at this point. Then, unfold it. There should be an X in the center from the creases. Fold the angles inward from the X. Cut four triangles. Glue the triangles to the card stock. They should fit in the triangle shaped folds. Glue the 3 x 3 piece of paper onto the top flap. You can decorate it with stickers as well.

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