How To: Make a "simply fabulous" card using Cricut G.S.

Make a "simply fabulous" card using Cricut G.S.

Mary demonstrates how to make a card using graphically speaking cartridge, in this video. She cuts out the outline of a heeled shoe and the image of the shoe in silver, both measuring 2 inches. Then the words fabulous and simply are cut out, both measuring 1.5 inches. The outline of the shoe is then glued onto the silver cutout of the shoe. The high heeled shoe is then pasted onto the card along with some decoration. A pin studded with beads is affixed onto a black bow with green ribbons and pasted above the shoe, for enhancing the cards appearance. The words simply and fabulous are pasted on the card against the bright red finish. You now have a beautiful card ready to be given to a special person!

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