How To: Make a puffed up tissue flower

Make a puffed up tissue flower

This video shows you how to make a puff flower ball using tissue paper.Spread out a tissue paper,of any colour,on a table.Keep one of the short ends of the paper,facing you and away from you.Then fold it back and forth,from one short to the other side until the whole of the tissue paper is used up.Fold this into half and release.Take a piece of ribbon and tie it on the center.Give the edges a pointed, partyish look by cutting them using a pair of scissors.Now take a single piece of tissue paper from one half,and pull it gently but firmy up towards the centre without tearing it.Repeat this procedure until you have half the tissue paper layers pulled up.Then turn it over and repeat the same procedure on the other half, until it looks like a puffed ball.Now you can hang your own beautifully made puff balls!

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