How To: Make a proper snowflake

Make a proper snowflake

Snowflakes are wonderful things. Recreating the patterns in paper is very enjoyable.

Take a piece of plain 8 1/2 by 11 paper. Fold it over to one side to make a triangle. Cut off the excess piece so that the unfolded piece is a square. Then, fold it over one more time to the side, both ways, so that it is a firm triangle with two points. Cut off the points or cut a straight line at the bottom of the triangle. Then, start cutting little patterns into the triangle so that it forms diamonds inside the paper. Unfold and voila! It's a snowflake. Spin it around and it swirls around just like a snowflake! You can make unlimited number of patterns and no snowflake will look like another. They are all unique and pretty to watch.

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