How To: Make a pop up greeting card

Make a pop up greeting card

In order to make a pop up greeting card, you will need the following: 3D Maribu pens, a paintbrush, water, scrap paper, a pencil, a ruler, a cutting knife, eraser, 3 pieces of colored card stock, a white card, scissors, and a glue. Begin by folding a white card in half. Make 1" cuts along the fold. Fold every other slit up. Open the card. Push the flaps in on themselves. You will be attaching things to these folds. Use the green card to make your grass. Cut out blades of grass. Cut large fronds of grass out of a darker green sheet of card stock. Cut flowers out of another color of card stock. Glue these pieces together. Glue them onto the white card. Next, cut out a pond shape out of blue card stock and attach it. Use your 3D liner to finish the card.

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