How To: Make paper tissue flowers

Make paper tissue flowers

Decorating using tissue paper is an inexpensive and it is much prettier than streamers. To make tissue paper flower, all that you need is tissue paper of your color. Have two shades of color for contrast to make it more attractive. Cut the tissue paper into half. Take eight sheets and cut them half which gives you sixteen sheets. Take six to eight of those and lay them on top of each other and make corners match up. Now take the tissue paper and fold it over half inch to one inch and then folding it back the other way. When you open the folds, it should look like a fan. Use scissors and cut the edges at each end. To make rounded petals, you should cut it round the edges. Next tie the middle together with wire. Now it is ready to open as flower. Carefully separate the tissue layers. Separate the left and right towards the center to make flowers shape attractive. Now it is ready to arrange them on table or in vases.

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