How To: Make paper roses

Make paper roses

This video shows how to make paper roses. Start with several die cut flowers, preferably with six petals. Take one and slit it so that you can fold one of the petals over the other one and glue them so that they are overlapping. Take another die cut flower and cut one petal completely out, again folding the two edge petals and gluing them together so that they are overlapping. Do another flower the same way but cutting out two petals. In the final product each of these will overlap each other. Take the two petals that were cut out and fold them into each other to form the center of the final product. Glue them into the correct shape. Gently fold each petal outwards using a small round rod. Glue each layer together and bend all of the petals back. You can add a stamen or use alcohol ink to further decorate if you wish.

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