How To: Make a paper piercing using a stencil

Make a paper piercing using a stencil

In this arts and crafts video tutorial learn how to make a paper piercing using a paper piercing template with June Campbell. The template comes with pre-made holes in varying designs that you will poke through. You will also need a paper piercing tool to create your holes as well as a craft knife to cut out larger holes. In addition, you will also need a piece of paper. Use a hard surface, such as a plastic tray to protect your table and then place a styrofoam sheet on top of that for further protection. Tape your template down onto the piece of paper using something like painters tape, which comes off easily without tearing the paper. Then, go about poking out the holes of the template. You should be aware, that the outcome of your craft project is dependent on the type of paper used. Make sure to practice on different types of paper to see if you like the way the holes are coming out before embarking on a whole project.

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