How To: Make a paper parol Christmas lantern

Make a paper parol Christmas lantern

Here is an easy way to make a beautiful parol. All that you need is colorful papers, scissors, tape, stapler pin. Now take five sheets. Cross fold it and tear the extra paper, so that a perfect square is formed. Do it for all the five sheets. Now fold it cross wise, and again fold it in the same manner, so a triangle shaped paper is formed. Cut the papers cross wise and not on the edges. Care should be taken that it is not fully cut. Then open the paper, several sheets are formed now. Join opposite side of three fleets and join balance fleet on the backward side with the help of tape. Now join all five folded papers with the help of stapler pin on the corners. Now take a long bit of paper and insert it through one whole and stapler it also. So that it could be hanged easily. Thus a beautiful parol is ready.

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