How To: Make Paper Flower Poinsettias for Christmas

Make Paper Flower Poinsettias for Christmas

First, cut out pattern pieces. You will need 8 leaf patterns in total. Now, put two leaf patterns together and attach to a leaf with glue. Add a wire in the middle of the wire and glue it closed. Now, stretch your petals to give fullness, you should have 13 petals in total. With your finger, smooth glue onto the petal, then clip wire off of the petals.

Once the petals are dry, add them to the stem. Use glue to glue them on and press them on for several seconds. Make sure each petal is evenly spaced when you place them on. Continue with all petals, then apply the leaves and enjoy your poinsettia!

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what kind of tutorial is this with no printable patterns or links!?

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