How To: Make a paper cap from a half sheet of newspaper

Make a paper cap from a half sheet of newspaper

The man on the video explain how to make a cricket cap from just a half sheet of newspaper. You start off with a half sheet of news paper, and fold the sheet in half, and then fold it again into a quarter. Then it shows you to fold down the two tops sides as if you were making a "roof". Then you are to fold the roof to the mid point of the base. You are then told to open the whole sheet of newspaper again, fold in both of the long edges to about 4 cm. You are then to fold the sheet in half with the edges you previously folded, exposed. Then you fold another roof on the top, to get the creases, and then unfold it. On either side you fold the slants inside to make the roof. Now you have a double house, one in front, one in back. You bring the outer edges in and fold then on both side to create doors. He then explains to fold the bottom edges once, then a second time upward, tucking the flap inside the top pocket, making the backside of the cap. You then turn over the paper, folding the corners up to make a diamond shape. Folding the right and left sides to the center, making it stick with tape. He then slowly opens the cap, and gives it shape, and it is now ready to wear.

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