How To: Make a nut cup with the Cricut

Make a nut cup with the Cricut

Materials you need to make a nut cup: 1) A thick sheet of paper; 2) a mat; 3) a Cricut Machine.
Procedure: Take a thick sheet of paper. Cut the paper to fit the mat of the Cricut machine. Smooth the paper on the mat and load it in the machine. Press the buttons on top of the machine to select the desired shape of the nut cup. Set the size to four inches. After setting the shape and size, just press cut and let the machine do the rest of the work. When cutting is complete, eject the paper and remove it from the mat (score lines are already done by the machine). Take a ruler, go over the score lines, fold the cup on the scores, and use adhesive on the edges to stick it together. Use stamps to create decorative designs to place on the side of your nut cup.

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