How To: Make a mini paper corset for a paper doll

Make a mini paper corset for a paper doll

Artful Paper Doll demonstrates how to make a mini paper corset for a paper doll. Take two rectangular piece of hard paper which is of measure 4 by 5 centimeters. Cut the edges of the breadth part make it round. Cut the length part inward to make it into shape of a waist. Take a pattern cloth and paste it to shapes. Now take a lace with one end trimmed. Fold it in zigzag way. This should be pasted beautifully to the bottom of the corset. Now take a thin lace and paste it over the zigzag lace in a V- shape. Now paste the same zigzag lace to the back side of the top of the corset. Now make a bow with a thin lace and paste it to the center of the V – shape. Take another beautiful thin lace cut it into two. Glue it to the back as if it looks like the legs of the doll. Put one white bead each at the end of these to make it better. Stick this to the other corset shape made. Decorate the corset using two white stones and also with cotton candy sticklers. A very pretty corset is all set.

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