How To: Make a mini milk carton birdhouse

Make a mini milk carton birdhouse

In this how to video, you will learn how to make a mini milk carton bird house. You will need a mini milk carton dye for this. Use the template to fold the paper. There will be score lines to help you with the folding. Once this is done, fold in the paper and take a punch to create a hole in the paper. Punch another hole in the paper. Next, apply adhesive to the two sides. Once this is done, fold the paper up along the lines to create the basic shape of the bird house. Next, take the green paper and use the scallop punch on the edges. Sponge the green paper and the birdhouse. Focus on the edges. Apply the adhesive on the top of the brown paper shape to attach the green roof. Once that is done, attach the stem and the bird to the front of the bird house with a glue. Take the wing and apply it on top of the bird. Wait for the glue to dry. Your bird house is complete.

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