How To: Make a Minecraft creeper head costume out of a cardboard box

Make a Minecraft creeper head costume out of a cardboard box

Want to dress up like a creeper from Minecraft for Halloween? or just because? You're in luck. Check out this video to learn how to make a great-looking creeper costume out of a paper box. Blockify yourself like a Minecraft mob.

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im doing the same thing in my art class except i am using the miner dude as one and am painting it instead...... it be cool if you could make like an array of mob and animal hats cus that would be epic

FYI: A lot of children play the minecraft game. You should really keep that in mind when you are creating these videos. My 8 year old son wants a halloween costume made by mom, so when we search for that and see your breasts up close & personal, I feel that's inappropriate. And then you joke about sniffing glue- that's not funny. Nor should you be giving kids/teens those ideas- especially when someone that looks as beautiful as you (the woman)- kids/teens look up to you. Then they think "welll, that's what pretty girls think is cool". It's not cool.

ooOOOor, you could just show your oh so impressionable and easily traumitized babies how to make the masks WITHOUT them watching the video, and let the producers keep on making their vids for those of us WITH a sense of humor. mkaythnx

Nice. Kid wants to go as a creepy to comic con here in Portland. He is gonna love this one. Thank yoU!

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