How To: Make a mask

Make a mask

We need a plaster roll, some vaseline,and a hair band. Put some vaseline under the eyes. Plaster the strips to 1/3 of an inch, dip it in the water and place it across the nose. Then take another strip, dip it in the water and place it across the earlier one. Take a larger strip, dip it in the water and put it on the forehead, and two more on the cheeks. Now take a pair of scissors and cut pieces accordingly and place it all on your face after dipping it in water. You need to cover the face, leaving the eyes and nose. Put layers on top of each so it become a little thick. After a while, feel the stuff and when it become a little hard, slowly take it away, so you have a initial mask, which needs to get polished. We can take small pieces of strips and put it around the edges of the eye to make it smoother, put some flexible cardboard on it, or put some wings on it. You can attach sticks on the corner so you can hold the mask. Cut more pieces of the plaster and make layers to make it more stiff. Lastly, put some Plaster of Paris on the mask fully and let it dry. Now the mask is ready for painting. You can paint it the way you like, but in this video she has used gold and silver, but she dropped it and the mask got a little out of shape. Here it is shown that to put some more plaster strips around the damaged shape, after dipping it in water, wait for it the dry and re-paint it.

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