How To: Make a junk journal out of random items

Make a junk journal out of random items

To make a journal made of junk you're going to need a couple of things. First an unbleached linen thread because it doesn't bleed out into your work, you'll need a candle, a binder clip and a stack of papers. The papers you need to fold down the middle and put in four evenly spaced holes down its spine so that it looks like a book. Use the clip to hold the papers together while you measure the thread. The thread needs to be three times the height of your book. Wax this thread using the candle and then put it into a needle. Insert the needle into the first hole and through to the other side. From the other side, insert the needle into the second hole and so on until it's passed through all the holes. Now pass the needle back through the third hole and then through the second hole from the other side. Now with the thread back to the top tie it with the point of the thread that you'd started with. Cut off the excess thread and leave a little tail and you're done. You've made your junk journal.

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