How To: Make a handmade snowflake wreath ornament

Make a handmade snowflake wreath ornament

In order to make a snowflake wreath ornament, you will need the following: a snowflake punch, adhesive, foam, rhinestones, card stock, a hole punch, a circle cutter, scraps of paper, and ribbon. Punch out 17 white snowflakes and 17 blue snowflakes for each side of the ornament. Cut out a circle. Cut out the center of the circle. Coat the circle with glue. Place the white snowflakes around the base. Next, do a row of blue snowflakes in the center. Use your pop dots to make a raised layer of white snowflakes. When you decorate the reverse side, place the blue snowflakes on the outside and the white snowflakes on the inside. Adorn the snowflakes with rhinestones. Tie a piece of ribbon in a bow and glue it to the bottom.

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i love your ornament!!!! how can i see more of ur work?

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