How To: Make a handmade shaker card

Make a handmade shaker card

This video teaches us how to make shaker cards. These are cards that have a sort of window where you can see glitter or confetti moving about when you shake the card. You start off with your card base. A good size is 6" by 8". You take your front image, either a picture you have or stamp one yourself. Attach this image to the front of your card base. Line your image with thick double sided tape. Don't leave any gaps or your glitter will leak out. Next you cut your window. This will be the very front of your card so using tools to make a perfect oval or circle are a plus. Cut your window out on some pre stamped or designer paper, and attach thin clear plastic. Pour some glitter onto your image that you stamped or picked. Then attach the window you cut on the double sided tape. Now you should have a nice little window where you can see your image and you should be able to shake the card and see the glitter shimmer all over. Add whatever else you want for embellishments. Write your message..Merry Christmas, Happy birthday etc. That's all there is too it and now you have a unique card with a personal touch.

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