How To: Make a great looking paper box

Make a great looking paper box

In the video, a boy named George explains how to make a paper box for wrapping gifts in it. For that, first we need two square color papers of any color, and a pair of scissors. In the box making procedure, first place a paper on table, face down. Now fold it diagonally, twice. Unfold it. Then fold the sides twice, to make regular square shapes. Unfold it. Mark the center part using a pen. Cut the paper leaving two folds on four parts, fold it in. Then fold the rest of the part of the paper over the folded portion, and squeeze it. Then we will get a part of the box. Repeat this to make another part. Fold one end of it for almost three seconds. Then you can use that folded part as the lower part of the box. The box is ready.

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