How To: Make a glowing lightning bug sculpture

Make a glowing lightning bug sculpture

In order to make a glowing lightning bug sculpture, you will need the following: an empty pop bottle, a yellow marker, a pipe cleaner, construction paper or card stock, and glue. Make sure that the soda pop bottle that you've chosen to use has a ridge around it. Clean it thoroughly. Fill the bottle with clean water. Dab the marker in the clean water, until it is the color you want. Screw the lid on tightly. Adhere a pipe cleaner to the top of the bottle. Make sure that you have 6" of excess pipe cleaner jutting out, after you've twisted it in place. Cut out a piece of paper to be used for the bugs eyes. Fold it in half. Color in eyes and eyelid. Cut out a large heart. These are your wings. Adhere the eyes to the lid. Glue the wings to the back.

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